Day 6: Off to a Slow Start

HaydnCD7Exploring a world of creative delights is terrific. I highly recommend it.

Yet, what is required for such an endeavor to succeed is discipline.

For example, a couple of years ago I spent time exploring the complete works of Mozart (180 Days With Mozart and Me). I arose at 5:31 every morning, drove to the same restaurant, arrived as they opened at 6am, sat at the same square table near the wall plug and the windows, and ate the same thing – an Asiago bagel, toasted with light cream cheese, and a mug of Light Roast coffee — every morning for six straight months.

From the table I came to consider “mine,” I’d listen, discover, observe, and then write about it.

Doing that assured me of two things:

1. I’d gain 15 pounds from the bagels, and

2. I’d develop a disciplined, methodical approach that kept me focused

And it worked. On both counts.

This morning, I wasn’t Continue reading