Day 144: The Brilliance of Riko Fukuda

HaydnCD144Today brings the following:

1. More snow, ice, and high winds,

2. A new performer,

3. Spectacular piano sonatas.

Can’t say much for #1.

It’s been that kind of winter in these parts.

I can say a great deal about #2 and #3.

Today’s performer is Riko Fukuda on fortepiano.

From her web site:

RIKO FUKUDA studied piano and oboe at the Toho-Gakuën conservatory in Japan. A grant from the Dutch government enabled her to study with Stanley Hoogland at the Royal Conservatory in The Hague, where she specialised in fortepiano. Her solo recordings of works by Pinto and Dussek on the Olympia label have met with great acclaim, and in 2001 she released two CDs with piano sonatas of Haydn on Brilliant Classics.

Yes, she did. I’m listening to one of them now. And it’s very good.

Riko’s playing is remarkable for its expressiveness and Continue reading