Day 149: One Day Left!

HaydnCD149Today’s CD contains Klavierstücke (German for “Piano Pieces”) – or Arrangements for all of us English-speaking dudes.

There are 18 Klavierstücke on this disc, all played with excellence by Bart van Oort on fortepiano.

And these are all wonderful arrangements, too.

I actually recognized the melody of one of them from another Haydn piece. Track 4 is an arrangement from Symphony HOB I:85/III.

I like this CD. In fact, I think I can classify it as FAVORITE!

These arrangements seem to be grouped into five sections:

Arrangement From a Musical Clock
– one track

Arrangements From Symphonies
– eight tracks

Arrangements From the Opera “La Vera Constanza”
– three tracks

Arrangements From String Quartets
– two tracks

Arrangements From Piano Trios
– four tracks

I provided the first track for your listening enjoyment. If you want the rest, I suggest you visit YouTube. They’re probably there.

NOTE: Tomorrow is my last day with Franz Joseph Haydn. Starting Friday, February 28, I begin watching all of Woody Allen’s movies – at least, all of the ones he directed. I believe there are some 46 of them.