Day 338: Hungarian Dances 1-10, Five Piano Studies

BrahmsCD32The first of today’s music sounds like Liberace – you know, all those little flourishes at the end of a “sentence.”

Here’s what I listened to today:

Hungarian Dances for piano solo

According to its entry on Wikipedia, these were composed in 1869. Brahms was 36.

Five Piano Studies Op. Anh. 1a/1

According to the AllMusic web site,

These pieces are merely arrangements of well-known works for the piano for use as studies in technique. They are masterly done, and valuable technical studies, but hardly intended for nor effective in performance.

They were composed in 1869. Brahms was 36.

Here’s who played it:

Louis Dementrius Alvanis piano

Overall, I’d say I agree with the summary on AllMusic – about most of the music on Brahms CD 32. The latter performances (Five Piano Studies), are fairly interesting. They held my attention.

Most of the time.