Day 128: One Track to Rule Them All

HaydnCD128I listened to Haydn CD 128 three times today, not paying attention to which trios were playing.

I just let the music play as I went about my business.

Without fail, my mind took note of one particular track each time, and I wrote its number down on a piece of paper, chuckling aloud the third time I wrote the number “8” on the notepad beside me.

Track Eight is Movement II (“Menuet: Allegretto”) of Trio No. 121 in A.

Why did my mind flag that particular track each time?

I don’t know. It just did.

And that’s really the point about music – or any type of art, for that matter. There’s no objective reason why art resonates with someone. Its beauty is in the eye or ear of the beholder.

The rest of today’s trios were okay. Two other tracks Continue reading