Day 216: Piano Trio in E Flat, 12 Variations in F

BeethovenCD21This is an interesting, albeit lackluster, collection of compositions.

The first six tracks comprise Piano Trio in E Flat Op 38. The seventh track is 12 Variations in F Wo040.

It all sounds like leftovers to me, scraps of music gathered together from here and there.

That’s not to say these performances are any less than first rate. These musicians are professional and superb. All of the musicians in a Brilliant Classics collection are.

It’s just that these compositions don’t have the impact on me that others from Beethoven have.

Performers on Tracks 1-6:

Sachiko Kobayashi violin
Chihiro Saito cello
Michael Wagner piano

Performers on Track 7:

Peter Glatte violin
Eva Ander piano

Piano Trio in E Flat Op 38 was composed in 1791. Beethoven was 21.

12 Variations in F (from Mozart’s Le Nozze di Figaro) was composed between 1792-1793. Beethoven was 22-23.

The most interesting selection on this CD was the seventh track, which had a sound unlike anything else on the disc. For that reason, I liked it the most. It stood out.