Day 146: Back to Bart

HaydnCD146jpgToday’s CD is an odd duck.

It’s just six compositions on solo piano – three of which are lengthy (over 14 minutes), three of which are relatively short (under seven minutes and thirty-one seconds).

If you ever wanted to hear what Haydn would sound like as Chopin or Bach, this CD is for you.

What I find most interesting about these pieces is that they allow for great expressiveness, a sort of meandering quality that allows for Bart van Oort to demonstrate why he’s one of the world’s best fortepiano players.

These are compositions that would play well as background for writing as well as foreground for active listening.

Highly recommended. FAVORITE!

What I listened to:

1. Arietta No. 1 in E flat with twelve variations HOB XVII: 3

2. Variations (Fantasy) in F minor HOB XVII: 6
3. Arietta No. 2 in A with twenty variations HOB XVII: 2
4. Four Variations on “Gott erhalte” in G HOB XVII: Anhang
5. Five Variations in D HOB XVII: 7
6. Six Variations in C HOB XVII: 5

I provided the first selection from YouTube. The rest are likely there. If you want to hear them, get thee to YouTube.