Day 184: Hollywood Ending

5188XC2FFDLIt’s not that Hollywood Ending – Woody Allen’s 33rd time as director – is a bad movie. It’s just not a particularly good, or believable, movie.

When Hollywood Ending was released, Woody Allen was 67. His girlfriend in the film was played by Debra Messing, who was 34 in real life. Age difference: 33 years.

His ex-wife in the film was played by Tea Leoni, who was 36. Age difference: 31 years.

On her IMDB profile, Tea had this to say about her leading men:

“Not to sound like a whore, but I’ve been with…I’ve worked with…some very attractive men. Nicolas Cage…Al Pacino…Ben Stiller…and Woody Allen”.

That made me smile.

But I can’t help but think, “Why is Woody Allen getting older but his leading ladies, romantic love interests, staying the same age as they were decades earlier?”

Granted, one of Woody’s leading ladies was played by Mariel Hemingway, who was 18 in real life at the time. She played a 17-year-old girl still in high school. Woody was 44. Age difference: 26 years.

So there’s definitely a trend in Woody’s films.

I guess if you’re Woody Allen you can get away with it.

Some guys have all the luck.