Day 221: Piano Trios III

BeethovenCD26If you liked the first two CDs of piano trios, you’ll like this one.

I did.

And I do.

But after hearing this many piano trios I’m starting to think I’d like to hear something different. They all tend to sound more or less the same after awhile.

Today’s CD features the following compositions:

Piano Trio in E Flat Op. 1 No. 1 (Composed 1795)

Piano Trio in D after Symphony No. 2

Triosatz in E Flat (Composed 1790-1792)

Of course, I need to know what a Triosatz is.

Oddly enough, I can’t find information on the word itself.

Oh, well.

Performers for today’s CD are the same as they’ve been:

Trio Elegiaque
Laurent Le Flecher violin
Virginie Constant cello
Francois Dumont piano

The Trio remains as engaging and vibrant as it’s been on the last couple of CDs. I’d love to watch Francois Dumont play this music. His fingers must be a blur.