Day 304: Zelda Fitzgerald

51VO2NsQq-LEver since I watched Woody Allen’s brilliant, magical movie Midnight in Paris, I’ve been fascinated by Zelda Fitzgerald, storied wife of F. Scott.

Zelda lived hard and fast, and died a crazy lady in an asylum. I kid you not.

Hers is a fascinating, tragic tale that made me sad – yet I couldn’t put the book down. This was a page turner.

Zelda was the woman behind the man for some of her husband’s most celebrated works, acting as his critic, editor, and idea-person. But F. Scott wasn’t keen on broadcasting that fact. So Zelda’s role in her husband’s success has been understated.

Nancy Milford’s biography sets the record straight, as well as reveals the inner thoughts (as well as manic outer actions) of a woman that helped define the Jazz Age.

If you’d like to read about F. Scott Fitzgerald’s muse (and demon), let your fingers do the walking over to Amazon to buy Zelda.