Day 389: Something Wicked + Caruso CD 1

WickedReading. Listening.

From later in Chapter 28 comes this conversation between Will and his father:

His voice, Will thought, I never noticed. It’s the same color as his hair.

“Pa,” he said, “don’t sound so sad.”

“Me? I’m the original sad man. I read a book and it makes me sad. See a film: sad. Plays? they really work me over.”

“Is there anything,” said Will, “doesn’t make you sad?”

“One thing. Death.”

“Boy!” Will started. “I should think that would!”

“No,” said the man with the voice to match his hair. “Death makes everything else sad . But death itself only scares. If there wasn’t death, all the other things wouldn’t get tainted.”

And, Will thought, here comes the carnival, Death like a rattle in one hand, Life like candy in the other; shake one to scare you, offer one to make your mouth water. Here comes the side show, both hands full!

Bradbury, Ray (2013-04-23). Something Wicked This Way Comes (Greentown) (p. 137). HarperCollins. Kindle Edition.


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NOTE: It’ll be hard to keep up with my reading here in Louisville. I’m supposed to be researching Thomas Merton all week long. Plus, I’ll be driving around in an unfamiliar city. So I’m sure I’ll be tired and distracted a lot.