Day 211: Music for Wind Ensemble II

BeethovenCD16Beethoven CD 16 begins with a militaristic fanfare. Quite rousing.

Makes me want to march off to war.

There are 12 different compositions on this CD, six very short (march-style) pieces at the start, following by:

Quintet in E Flat Hess 19

Adagio for 3 horns in F

3 Equale Wo030 for 4 trombones

Trio in C Op 87 for 2 oboes and cor anglais

Variations in C for 2 oboes and cor anglais on Mozart’s La Ci Darem La Mano.

Allegro and Minuet in G Wo026

Once again, the Ottetto Italiano performs, this time with members of the Orchestra da Camera di Genova.

Once I got past the march music in the first six tracks, I was treated to more delightful music for my favorite orchestra instruments, including the French horn. Plus, there are the Variations in C for 2 oboes and the English horn (cor anglais) from Mozart’s 1787 opera Don Giovanni.

Very pretty stuff.