Day 342: Choral Music II

BrahmsCD36Beautiful music. Stirring. Moving.

But then the voices enter.

And the spell is broken.


The power of the choir in the first piece (Gesang der Parzen) is overwhelming. A very nice chorus, especially the female voices. Stirring.

The Composition:

Gesang der Parzen Op. 89

The Performers:

Danish National Choir/DR
Danish National Symphony Orchestra
Gerd Albrecht conductor

The Composition:

Rhapsodie Op. 53

Interesting opening. Ominous.

I’ve never been a fan of the alto vocal range. Annelies’ performance doesn’t change my mind any.

The Performers:

Annelies Burmeister alto
Males chorus of the Rundfunkchor Leipzig chorus master Horst Neumann
Rundfunk-Sinfonieorchester Leipzig
Heinz Bongartz conductor

The Composition:

Rinaldo Op. 50 Cantata for tenor solo, male chorus & orchestra

The tenor vocal range, on the other hand, is my sweet spot. It’s my favorite vocal range. And Joachim Kerol sounds like a very fine tenor. Tremendous power. Really belts out the words. Love this composition!

The Performers:

Joachim Kerol tenor
New Paris Symphony Association Chorus – Orchestre Pasdeloup
Rene Leibowitz conductor

I’m sorry. Despite my better judgment, I’m going to have to award this a Favorite Brahms composition. The combination of Joachim’s vocal power and Brahms’ often stirring music (performed beautifully by the New Paris Symphony Association – Orchestre Pasdeloup) wins me over.

Day 341: Choral Music I

BrahmsCD35I had high hopes for today’s CD.

It begins with stirring music that quickly segues into a choir singing Hallelujah, which – now that I know Brahms was, essentially, an atheist – didn’t move me much. A composition like this indicates he was just pandering to the masses.

The sell out.

Anyway, the music and singing left me rather cold.

And I really gave it the ol’ college try. I had this CD on repeat for 3-4 hours, listening to it in its entirety multiple times. It didn’t grow on me.


Triumphlied Op. 44 for 8-part chorus & orchestra

The first movement of this piece ended on a very triumphant note. It was stirred. Overall, I enjoyed this composition more than the others. it just seemed more gregarious than other Brahms stuff I’ve heard to date.

Ave Maria Op. 12 for female chorus & orchestra

Kind of a snooze fest.

Schicksalslied Op. 54 for female chorus & orchestra

Another snooze fest.

Nanie Op. 82

Love the ending. Poignant.


Bo Skovhus baritone
Danish national Choir/DR
Danish National Symphony Orchestra
Gerd Albrecht conductor


Begrabnisgesang Op. 13 for 5-part chorus, wind instruments & timpani


Dresdner Philharmonie Choir & Orchestra
Ernst Senff Chor Berlin
Michel Plasson conductor