Day 126: Like An Ant Hill With Fewer Legs

HaydnCD126What a difference a day makes.

Haydn CD 126 starts off with more life than I found in 3/4 of Haydn CD 125.

Or, maybe I’m just in a better mood because I’m sitting beside the fire at Panera, listening to two older ladies behind me talk about the Bible, and watching some guy in front of me play with his Samsung Note and his smaller Samnsung somethingorother.

I have a blast watching (and listening to) people. There are so many of them, of all shapes, sizes, colors, personalities, backgrounds, and goals, coming and going. Teaming.

It’s like watching an ant hill. With fewer legs.

I like Haydn Trio No. 107 for some reason. Each of the three movements is unique, differing in tempo and construction. Movement III (“Finale: Presto”) was a nice presto. Quite lively. Still, not a “favorite.” Sorry, Joseph.

Trio No. 105, as a whole, wasn’t a worthy follow up to the more clever and lively No. 104. Movement III, however (another “Finale: Presto”), was vibrant. More gusto than usual. I like that. Still, not a “favorite.”

No. 106, as a whole, was not a favorite, either – despite the fact that Movement III (“Finale: Presto assai”) was a lot of fun to listen to.

No. 107, Movement I (“Andantino”) featured some fun interplay between Continue reading