Day 341: Choral Music I

BrahmsCD35I had high hopes for today’s CD.

It begins with stirring music that quickly segues into a choir singing Hallelujah, which – now that I know Brahms was, essentially, an atheist – didn’t move me much. A composition like this indicates he was just pandering to the masses.

The sell out.

Anyway, the music and singing left me rather cold.

And I really gave it the ol’ college try. I had this CD on repeat for 3-4 hours, listening to it in its entirety multiple times. It didn’t grow on me.


Triumphlied Op. 44 for 8-part chorus & orchestra

The first movement of this piece ended on a very triumphant note. It was stirred. Overall, I enjoyed this composition more than the others. it just seemed more gregarious than other Brahms stuff I’ve heard to date.

Ave Maria Op. 12 for female chorus & orchestra

Kind of a snooze fest.

Schicksalslied Op. 54 for female chorus & orchestra

Another snooze fest.

Nanie Op. 82

Love the ending. Poignant.


Bo Skovhus baritone
Danish national Choir/DR
Danish National Symphony Orchestra
Gerd Albrecht conductor


Begrabnisgesang Op. 13 for 5-part chorus, wind instruments & timpani


Dresdner Philharmonie Choir & Orchestra
Ernst Senff Chor Berlin
Michel Plasson conductor