Day 280: 25 Scottish Songs, 23 Lieder Verschiedener Volker

BeethovenCD85Essentially, today’s CD is more of the same as yesterday’s CD.

About twice more.

More “Margaret Dumont” – like female singers.

More bouncy songs that sound like a cross between church hymns sung by middle-aged ladies, and songs performed by upper-crust Englishmen/women, than folks songs.

It’s not my favorite genre of music.

Although, this song (Track Three – “O Sweet Were The Hours”) isn’t bad:

But here. Now, here’s an example of what grates on me:

It’s called “The Sweetest Lad Was Jamie.”

Here’s an example of a song that I just think is funny. It’s called “O Thou Art the Lad of My Heart, Willy.” (Why are so many people in Scottish and Irish folk songs named “Willy”?)

There are 41 tracks on today’s CD, the last one being a really smart instrumental called “Air Francais.”

I prefer instrumental music to vocal music.