Day 361: Songs and Duets III

BrahmsCD55More songs and duets.

Another pairing of a lower-range female vocalist with an upper-range female vocalist. Another round of songs that could be played at a funeral and no one would bat an eye.

There are 19 tracks on today’s CD with a total running time of just under 44 minutes.

This time, however, I can list the four sections under which the songs fall.

The Compositions:

Op. 20 (3 tracks)

Op. 61 (4 tracks)

from Op. 66 (4 tracks)

Romanzen und Lieder Op. 84 (8 tracks)

The Performers:

Letizia Scherrer soprano

Franziska Gottwald alto

Ferenc Bognar piano

I’ve heard some (perhaps all) of these compositions before.

For example, Track 4 (“Die Schwestern”). It’s a bouncy song with a nice melody and an enjoyable piano score. I’ve heard it before, perhaps within the last few days. Yesterday? It has a folk-song jauntiness to it that’s memorable.

Once again, my ears are drawn to the soprano. I prefer that soaring vocal range. However, the two vocal ranges together cancel each other out to create a sound that grates on me.

I wonder if tomorrow’s CD is Duets and Songs IV.

Gosh, I hope not.