Day 374: Something Wicked + Caruso CD 1

WickedThis is a terrific book, especially read during a terrific month – October.

The first chapter (categorized as “Arrivals”) sets up the personalities of the two protagonists, Will Holloway and Jim Nightshade, one light-haired and sunny…the other dark-haired and introspective.

Here’s an example of Bradbury’s writing style, as well as the personalities of the two boys:

So much Will said, excitedly. So much Jim agreed to, silently. So much the salesman, running before the storm, but poised here uncertainly, heard looking from face to face.

“Halloway. Nightshade. No money, you say?”

The man, grieved by his own conscientiousness, rummaged in his leathery bag and seized forth an iron contraption.

“Take this, free! Why? One of those houses will be struck by lightning! Without this rod, bang! Fire and ash, roast pork and cinders! Grab!”

The salesman released the rod. Jim did not move. But Will caught the iron and gasped.

“Boy, it’s heavy! And funny-looking. Never seen a lightning rod like this. Look, Jim!”

And Jim , at last, stretched like a cat, and turned his head. His green eyes got big and then very narrow.

Bradbury, Ray (2013-04-23). Something Wicked This Way Comes (Greentown) (p. 7). HarperCollins. Kindle Edition.

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