Day 118: Andy Griffith, Larry, Coffee, and Home

HaydnCD118Another change of venue this morning: my home.

As an episode of The Andy Griffith Show plays in the background (because there’s always background noise when I’m at Panera), Larry (our cat) reposes on the floor near me, and a cup of fresh-brewed Morning Blend coffee sits strategically positioned less than an arm’s length away on the table beside me, I listen to today’s selection of Haydn’s Baryton Trios, to wit:

Haydn Baryton Trio No. 46 in A

Haydn Baryton Trio No. 47 in G

Haydn Baryton Trio No. 48 in D (my #2 favorite today)

Haydn Baryton Trio No. 49 in G (my #1 favorite today)

Haydn Baryton Trio No. 50 in D

Haydn Baryton Trio No. 51 in A

Haydn Baryton Trio No. 52 in D

LarryFloorIt’s still dark outside. And chilly inside. (Maybe that’s why Larry is curled into a tight ball.)

But the coffee is good.

The smell from the Bob Evans sausages grilling on the stove (I’m making breakfast for my still-sleep better half) is enticing.

The music is surprisingly compelling.

And I am motivated today (for various reasons) to write my ass off.

Life is good.

Maybe I’m onto something.

These baryton trios aren’t dramatically different from the ones to which I’ve been listening all along. Yet, somehow, today, they Continue reading

Day 117: Snow! Veronica Mars! More Baryton Trios! Oh, Boy!

HaydnCD117I took a risk getting here this morning.

An additional foot to a foot and a half of snow greeted us when we opened our eyes.

The parking lots had not yet been plowed.

It’s still snowing.

In case you’re not aware, we’re in the middle of one of the harshest winters we’ve had in decades. (Where’s that Global Warming when you need it?)

I’m a brave soul, though. So when the alarm went off at 6:01 this morning, I…

Hit snooze and stayed in bed for another nine minutes. Then, I…

Hit snooze…

Then thought better of it…

Got out of bed, dressed, brushed off the car, and drove into the treacherous early-morning darkness.

THSaturdaySo here I sit, by myself, at Tim Horton’s, sipping their unique coffee and eating some kind of breakfast sandwich.

It’s a different environment from the one I usually haunt.

So maybe my creative juices will flow and I’ll write (and listen!) with renewed vigor.

Then again, maybe not.

These baryton trios are not exactly Mozart’s 40th. They’re pretty damn Continue reading