Day 230: String Trios I

BeethovenCD35Other than being very pleasant, soothing music, performed with exceptional skill, the sonatas on Beethoven CD 35 – String Trios I – aren’t all that memorable.

None jumped out at me the way, say, they did on the last CD (Violin Sonatas IV, especially Violin Sonata No. 9 in A Op. 47 “Kreutzer”).

This reminds me of music one would hear playing at the opening of an art show, or at a posh wine-and-cheese soiree at someone’s estate.

However, the music is not lively enough to be sufficient background for a writing project; nor are these string trios compelling enough for active listening.

Here’s what I heard today:

String Trio in E Flat Op. 3 (composed 1792-96; Beethoven was 22-26 years old)

Serenade in D Op. 8 (composed 1795-97; Beethoven was 25-27 years old)

Here’s who performed these compositions:

The Zurich String Trio

Boris Livschitz violin
Zvi Livschitz viola
Mikael Hakhnazarian cello