Day 14: Sunshine On My Shoulder

HaydnCD14This morning, I tried something different with Haydn’s symphonies. I didn’t actively listen to them. I listened to them as background to e-mailing, researching, thinking.

In other words, passive listening.

I wanted to see if something about these three symphonies would jump out at me if I wasn’t paying attention to them.

I also wanted to see if symphonies are best actively heard, or if one can enjoy them by keeping them in the background.

Even though I listened to CD 14 at least twice, and possibly three times, I discovered what one might expect I’d discover: Unless I pay attention, their nuances, even their broad sweep and expert craftsmanship, are lost to me.

I may as well be listening to the latest from Miley Cyrus.

Symphony No. 49 in F Minor “La Passione” was Continue reading