Day 349: Songs I

BrahmsCD43Oh, joy.

We switched from “Choral Music” to “Songs.”

What’s the difference?

Oh. I see.

Multiple voices. The former requires a choir, many voices. The latter requires just one voice, perhaps more. But usually one.

I get it.

The Compositions:

14 Songs (too many to name individually)

Zigeunerlieder Op. 103 (8 songs)

The Performers:

Christian Elsner tenor
Burkhard Kehring piano

Christian’s voice is pretty good. Not quite in the range of tenor that I enjoy (he sounds closer to a baritone with tenor leanings; but the hell do I know?). But he’s very good, with a lot of power.

And the piano is gentle and mournful enough – with enough depth of emotion – to be compelling.

Overall, these songs, although somewhat dirge-like, are strangely mesmerizing.

Even in German.

I dunno. This could be another Favorite – which goes against everything in me. Yet…

Day 346: Choral Music VI

BrahmsCD40You’re kidding, right?

Another CD of choral music?

Six in a row?

The compositions:

Zigeunerlieder Op. 103

4 Zigeunerlieder

Deutsche Volkslieder Wo033

13 Canons Op. 113

The performers:

Chamber Choir of Europe
Jurgen Kruse, Friederike Haug piano
Nicol Matt

Okay. Maybe Johannes has warn me down.

Or maybe I’m just tired.

But I like this choral music.

I even like the alto-range female singer in the Deutsche Volkslieder Wo033 compositions.

There’s something mesmerizing about the melodies and the interplay between the tenor and the alto. (Or is she a mezzo-soprano? I can’t tell.)

Anyway, I may have to give this Favorite status.

Truly, I must be losing my mind.