Day 276: Irish Songs Continued

BeethovenCD81I must have Celtic blood in my genes.

I’ve always enjoyed songs from Ireland.

And I usually enjoy songs sung in English.

I’m in luck. Today’s CD features both, performed by:

Dorothee WWohlgemuth soprano

Christine Wehler alto

Georg Poplutz tenor

Jens Hamann baritone

Martin Haunhorst violin

Bernhard Schwarz cello

Rainer Maria Klaas piano

These are terrific songs, filled with typical Irish lilt and pathos.

A good example of the former is Track 6 (“No. 12 English Bulls”). A good example of the latter is Track 14 (“No. 6 Sad and luckless was the season”).

Here. See for yourself. Here’s some of what I heard today:

This is a CD I could listen to again. It’s just a delightful assortment of Irish songs composed by a Classical master and performed by world-class musicians. How can you not like that?