Day 239: Music for String Ensembles I

BeethovenCD44The music is much livelier today than it was yesterday.

Still, the first two movements sounds like the soundtrack to a 1920s silent film.

But at least today’s music is not making me want to wallow in my barley pop.

The first two compositions (String Quintet in C Op 29 and String Quintet in C Minor Op 104) are performed by the Zurich String Quintet:

Boris Livschitz violin
Matyas Bartha violin
Zvi Livschitz violas
Dominik Ostertag violas
Mikayel Hakhnazaryan cello

The last composition (String Quartet in F) was performed by the Suske Quartet:

Karl Suske violin I
Klaus Peters violin II
Karl-Heinz Dommus viola
Matthias Pfaender cello

My favorite movement from all of them today is Movement IV (“Finale: Prestissimo”) from String Quintet in C Minor Op. 104. It’s sprightly and fun. All the rest still sound too somber for my tastes.