Day 148: Bart’s Smorgasbord

HaydnCD148I called yesterday’s musical selection a hodgepodge.

I’m not sure what to call today’s CD.

Perhaps smorgasbord is an accurate description of what I’m faced (eared?) with this morning. There are so many different styles and genres represented on this disc that I’m not even sure where to begin to describe what I’m hearing.

All I know for sure is this: the incomparable Bart van Oort, on fortepiano, is elevating these snippets to a higher level.

Like yesterday’s CD, today’s is (more or less) divided into four sections.

The first section is comprised of three compositions, each with its own Hoboken designation.

Section One

Fantasy in C HOB XVII: 4

Adagio in F HOB XVII: 9

Capriccio in G HOB XVII: 1

Section Two

Piano Sonata in D HOB XVII: D1

Section Three

Piano Sonata in F HOB XVII: A/1

Section Four

Eighteen Menuets and Aria HOB IX: 20 and HOB XVII: F1

Here’s the first composition on today’s CD. I like it a lot.

Fantasy in C HOB XVII: 4

I’m sure all the other compositions can be found on YouTube. Go look.

NOTE: Only two days left of my exploration of Haydn’s music! To be honest, I’m exhausted from 148 straight days of listening to Haydn. I’m ready for a break.