Day 183: The Curse of the Jade Scorpion

51FB1Y08H4LThe Curse of the Jade Scorpion, the 32nd movie Woody Allen directed, is my sixth favorite film by this legendary American director.

It is a great comedy, with lots of Woodyisms (stammering, gesturing, nervously cracking jokes), and a fun storyline.

The Curse of the Jade Scorpion is about a “dinosaur” insurance claims investigator (Allen) who becomes the unwitting accomplice of a hypnotist (David Ogden Stiers) who plants subliminal suggestions into his mind, as well as in the mind of a new addition to the insurance company (Hunt).

Like all great screwball comedies from Hollywood’s heyday, The Curse of the Jade Scorpion pits a man and a woman against one another who, at first, fight like cats and dogs. As time goes on, however, they fall for one another.

Jade Scorpion also features leggy, sexy, sultry Charlize Theron playing a leggy, sexy, sultry Veronica-Lake like floozy who comes on to Woody’s character.

Woody was 66 when this film was released.

Day 180: Celebrity

71KREPYQ2QLCelebrity, Woody’s 29th movie as director, features another massive cast and themes of relationships, love, infidelity, sexuality…wait.

Haven’t I seen this before?

Celebrity features a number of interesting performances, notably the leggy, sexy, and model-esque Charlize Theron playing a leggy and sexy model…British actor Kenneth Branagh doing a very fine impression of Woody Allen throughout the movie – stuttering, gesturing, and trying to get into the pants of every woman he meets – theatre director, author, and actor Andre Gregory (of My Dinner With Andre fame) making a cameo appearance as film director John Papadakis…character actor J.K. Simmons as a souvenir hawker…Leonardo DiCaprio, whom someone on IMDB noted was in this film for exactly 10 minutes and 20 seconds.

My favorite scene is when Robin Simon (Judy Davis) and Tony Gardella (Joe Mantegna) are at a screening of a film. Robin says she’s ought to know more people there. Tony points to Andre Gregory.

Tony Gardella: You see that guy?

Robin Simon: Mmm-hmm.

Tony: That’s Papadakis, the director of the film were gonna see.

Robin: Oh, yes.

Tony: Oh, yeah, he’s very arty, pretentious, one of those assholes who shoots all his films in black and white.

Robin: [laughs]

[Camera picks out a handsome young guy talking on the phone.]

Tony: Tom Dale. *Big* star. He’s in New York filming an adaptation of a sequel of a remake.

[Camera picks out a guy who looks like the late film critic Gene Siskel.]

Tony: Oh, and getting out of the elevator I see there’s a famous critic.

Robin: Him, I recognize.

Tony: Oh, he used to hate every movie. Then, he married a young, big-bosomed woman, and now he loves every movie.

The line about the pretentious asshole who shoots all his films in black and white was an inside joke because Celebrity is shot in black and white, which Continue reading