Day 152: Take the Money and Run

511AF3P3ZWLTake the Money and Run is a hilarious film.

Woody’s second movie as director (and writer), tells the story – in the now-popular “mockumentary” format – of a bumbling small-time crook named Virgil Starkwell.

The opening dialogue sets up the premise:

“On December 1, 1935, Mrs. William Starkwell, the wife of a New Jersey handyman, gives birth to her first and only child. It is a boy. And they name it Virgil. He is an exceptionally cute baby with a sweet disposition. Before he is 25 years old, he will be wanted by police in six states…”

It’s important to note that December 1, 1935, is Woody Allen’s birthday…and that the protagonist in the movie is a skinny, red-headed lad who wears glasses with thick black frames.

Essentially, this 1969 movie is about Woody playing what would become the public image of Woody – a lovable nebbish trying to get ahead in a world where the cards are perpetually stacked against him, a theme that will repeat itself in many subsequent Woody Allen pictures.

The jokes – especially the sight gags – come fast Continue reading