Day 343: Choral Music III

BrahmsCD37Okay, Johannes. Enough with the choral music.

Today’s CD is four compositions comprised of 39 tracks that take 76:25 minutes (!) to cycle through once. In short, it’s well over an hour of listening to people warble in German.

Don’t get me wrong. I think the German language is delightful. Maybe even hilarious. But I prefer to know what my singers are saying. Plus, these songs would be tedious in any language.

The compositions:

Liebeslieder-Walzer Op. 52

18 tracks

Neue Liebeslieder Op. 65

33 tracks

3 Quartets Op. 31

3 tracks

3 Quartets Op. 64

3 tracks

The performers:

Chamber Choir of Europe
Friederike Haug, Jurgen Meier piano
Nicol Matt conductor