Day 129: A Diversion

HaydnCD129Today’s CD offers a much-needed break, a diversion, from the baryton trios to which I’ve been listening of late.

In addition to the three instruments (baryton, viola, cello) on the previous CDs, we now have horns, violins, and a violone (whatever that is), all of which blend to create a symphony-like depth and complexity that I find truly compelling.

The horns, especially, are a welcome addition. I love horns and consider little more soothing than the sound of a French horn.

In short, these are terrific compositions.

Three of the performers on today’s CD are the same as they have been all along for the baryton trios:

EsterhazyEnsembleThey comprise the Esterhazy Ensemble and are:

Michael Brussing baryton
Andras Bolyki viola
Maria Andrasfalvy-Brussing cello

If you’d like to know what these performers look like when they’re playing, here you go:

NOTE: The baryton instrument is in the middle.

In addition to those three performers, today’s CD adds Continue reading