Day 134: More (Excellence) of the Same

HaydnCD134Today’s CD is Part Two of what started yesterday.

This music is superb, every note of it.

This is what I think of when I think of Classical music – this sound. These instruments. These arrangements.

This is another immediate FAVORITE! among my Haydn CDs.

I’m not going to comment on every track like I did yesterday. I just want to enjoy this music, let it wash over me, enter every pore. It’s too beautiful to waste on analyzing.

Today’s music is provided by Haydn-Trio Eisenstadt, which is comprised of:

Harald Kosik piano
Verena Stourzh violin
Hannes Gradwohl cello

Plus, accompanied by these fine musicians:

Cornelia Loscher violin
Martin Brambock horn
Dominik Taschler horn

Here’s what I listened to this morning:

Divertimento in C HOB XIV: 4

Concertino in C HOB XIV: 11

Divertimento in C HOB XIV: 8

Concertino in G HOB XIV: 13

Divertimento in F HOB XIV: 9

Sonata For Piano and Violin in G HOB XV: 32

I’m sure you can find these compositions on YouTube if you wish to hear them.

And I hope you do wish to hear them.

Day 133: Now You’re Talkin’!

HaydnCD133Like yesterday’s CD of music for Lute and Strings, today’s CD of Concertini and Divertimenti for Piano is another a delightful surprise.

The first track – Concertino in C HOB XIV: 12, Movement I (“Allegro”) – reminded me of Glenn Gould’s rendition of Bach’s Brandenburg Concertos. The piano was all snappy and trill-y and bright. Loads of fun. Very lively.

Movement II (“Adagio”) definitely slows the tempo. But the piano is so lovely (in a Chopin nocturne sort of way) that the retarded pace is not depressing. More slightly melancholy, but not in an unpleasant sort of way.

Movement III (“Finale: Allegro”) is a bit less allegro than some I’ve heard. But, the sprightly interplay between the piano and the strings is delightful. A terrific blending of instruments.

Divertimento in C HOB XIV: 7 was equally fun to hear. Movement II (“Menuet”), especially, was lively and compelling.

Concertino in F HOB XVIII: F2 was more subdued, more stately, than the previous selections. But just when I thought it was going to go out with a wimper, not an altogether unpleasant one, Movement III (“Allego assai”) kicked in and flipped me on my ear. What a brisk, thousand-notes-a-minute piano piece this is!

Divertimento in C HOB XIV: 3 opens with a first movement (“Allegro moderato”) that features more fleet-fingered piano playing from Harald Kosik, but with more balance from the other musicians. It’s a nice piece. Movement II (“Menuet”) is a little slow for my tastes, and not bouncy enough as my favorite menuets are. But Movement III (“Finale: Allegro molto”) jars the menuet-induced reverie with a butt-kicking finale that, Continue reading