Day 17: Haydn Seek

HaydnCD17jpgWhat a long, strange day this has been.

I arose late this morning because I was up again during the night. (Acid reflux is not my friend, although it is an occasional acquaintance.)

Therefore, I didn’t get to Panera at my usual time, and so didn’t get my usual table. The place was packed.

My butt could find no purchase.

So I drove around wondering where to go, visions of Light Roast coffee dancing in my head. Finally, around 8:30am, I decided to return to Panera and hope for the best.

I was in luck — or, so I thought. There were booths open, and Light Roast coffee aplenty, but when I opened up my laptop and sought Haydn CD 17 in iTunes, I couldn’t find it.

Son of a gun, I thought (only with less finesse). Continue reading