Day 360: Songs and Duets II

BrahmsCD54Instant ugh.

A change in performers today results in a CD that’s far less enjoyable.

The Performers:

Stephanie Iranyi mezzo-soprano

Michael Volle baritone

Helmut Deutsch piano

Any time I encounter a mezzo-soprano and a baritone together I know I’m in for a fingernails-on-the-chalkboard experience.

Sure enough.

The fun that I discovered on yesterday’s CD has been replaced with songs that sound, on balance, heavy, serious, weighty, important, and lugubrious. (With few exceptions, of course, such as Track 4: “Der Jager und sein Liebchen,” which tries hard to be upbeat but that mezzo-soprano vocal range just gives me a headache.)

I just can’t get into this music.