Day 217: Serenade, Rondo, Trio, Works for Mandolin & Piano

BeethovenCD22Wonderful music!

Serenade Op. 25 is chock-full of flute, which I love.

In fact, this entire CD is delightful, lively and fun. It even features an instrument that I don’t think I’ve ever heard as part of a Classical music performance before: the mandolin.

Performers, tracks 1-6 (Serenade in D Op. 25):

Jacob Berg flute
Max Rabinovitsj violin
Darrel Barnes piano

Serenade in D Op. 25 was composed between 1795 and 1796. Beethoven was 25 or 26.

Performers, tracks 7-8 (Rondo in G Wo041):

Sachiko Kobayashi violin
Chihiro Saito cello
Michael Wagner piano

Performers, tracks 9-10 (Trio in E Flat HESS 48):

Erhard Fietz mandolin
Amadeus Webersinke piano

Performers, tracks 11-13 (Works for Mandolin and Piano):

Lajos Mayer mandolin
Imre Rohmann piano

The mandolin pieces sound like the soundtrack to the Godfather, very Italian.