Day 113: More Trios in the Key of A

HaydnCD113As I noted in yesterday’s post, I used to think baryton was the name of a place, perhaps a city like Berlin or London. Or Narnia, for that matter.

Now I know baryton is the name of a type of instrument that resembles a viola.

But with more strings.

And with a raspier, deeper sound. Not smooth like a violin. The sound of a baryton, to me, is like the harpsichord version of a piano. A bit wilder, rougher around the edges.

For more information about the baryton, as well as what prompted Haydn to compose these Baryton Trios, please visit what I wrote yesterday. I won’t bore you with repeating myself today.

However, I will remind you (or tell you for the first time if you’re just popping in) that Prince Esterhazy commanded Haydn to Continue reading