Day 147: Hodgepodge a la van Oort

HaydnCD147Today’s CD is another hodgepodge of short pieces of music.

And when I write “short,” I mean short.

There are 51 tracks on this disc. The total of all music is 75 minutes, 12 seconds, which means the average length for each track is about a minute and a half.

The incomparable Bart van Oort, on fortepiano, plays his heart out on those tiny tracks.

The CD is divided into four sections, each featuring 13 tracks:

Twelve Menuets HOB IX: 8
13 tracks

Twelve Menuets HOB IX: 3
13 tracks

Twelve Menuets HOB IX: 11
13 tracks

Twelve German Dances HOT IX: 12
13 tracks

I provided the YouTube clip for the first section of the four on this CD. If you’re interested, seek out the rest yourself on YouTube.

Bottom line: Although some of these tracks are bouncy, lively, full of Baroque-like trills and verve, a great deal of this CD sounds the same. Each individual menuet or dance is great. Lots in there to digest and enjoy. But 51 tracks of such music wears me down, sort of like Chinese water torture – one drip at a time.