Day 124: Happy 1st of February!

HaydnCD124Another cold, snowy day.

The weather team from a local station reported that there were only four days in January in which it didn’t snow.

Four days.

All of you who live in warmer climes, wrap your noggins around that tidbit.

I wonder what Haydn was doing on this day around 1770 as he composed these god-awful baryton trios. Was he freezing his arse off? Were his fingers cold? Was he huddled by a fire? Was he depressed because the days were too short, and there wasn’t enough sun to buoy him?

Hey. Wait a minute.

The first trio (No. 88 in A) is capturing (and holding) my attention. Movement I (“Adagio”) was slow, but not painfully so, and it featured a mournful-but-interesting ask-and-answer part around the 5:10 mark. I found myself drawn into it. Movement II (“Allegro”) was just allegro enough to keep me entertained. Even though Movement III (“Menuet”) isn’t as peppy as a movement three ought to be, there was something about this one that sounded so wondrously composed that I was enthralled. Dare I say it? FAVORITE!


No. 89 in G was also quite nice. Another FAVORITE!

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