Day 93: Happy New Year!

HaydnCD93After an evening (granted, New Year’s Eve) of eating too many fried oysters, bowls of oyster stew, cheese, crackers, slices of beef summer sausage, shrimps and cocktail sauce, and glasses of Chardonnay wine, I awoke the next day (today, New Year’s Day) feeling awful.

“Of course you did,” I can hear you say. “For someone with acid reflux, that’s a prescription for trouble.”

Aye. And it was.

But it was New Year’s Eve. And oysters are a once-a-year tradition that stretches back decades.

“At least tell us you didn’t just sit at a table and shovel food into your mouth,” you retort.

Of course I didn’t. What kind of fool do you think I am?

Don’t answer that.

There was no “shoveling.” The evening began around 6pm and included Continue reading