Day 254: Bagatelles II, Misc. Piano Works

BeethovenCD59If shaking a stick is your thing, today’s CD will thrill you.

There are more trills, blistering runs up and down the keyboard, and lightning-quick scales on CD 59 than you can shake a stick at.

So get shakin’ because this is serious music for seriously gifted pianists.

Here’s what’s on today’s CD:

6 Bagatelles Op. 126

Rondo A Capriccio in G Op. 129

Rondo in C Op. 51 No. 1

7 Bagatelles Op. 33

Andante Favori in F Wo057

Ziemlich lebhaft in B-Flat Major WoO60

Once again, Alfred Brendel is the ivory tickler.

And that’s nothing to shake a stick at.