Day 121: Mr. Presto

HaydnCD120I did today what I’ve done for the past couple of days: I just let the music play as I worked on other things.

When a track stood out, I’d note it.

Otherwise, I just let the music wash over me.

It was all fairly pleasant. Nothing terrible wrong with it. It was…nice.

However, three tracks stood out:

Track 3, which is Haydn Baryton Trio No. 60 in A Movement III (“Menuet”).

Track 15, which is Haydn Baryton Trio No. 64 in D Movement III (“Finale: Presto”).

Track 17, which is Haydn Baryton Trio No. 65 in G Movement II (“Menuet”).

I’ve found that I’m usually a Movement III kinda guy. Just call me Mr. Presto. Continue reading

Day 120: Cold, Cold, Cold, Cold…

HaydnCD120The perfect follow-up to yesterday’s snow: a temperature this morning of 0 degress with a “feels like” temperature of -14F.

Yeah, baby!

Now that’s Pure Michigan.

For anyone not living in or near Michigan, that’s an inside joke.

Pure Michigan is the name of an ad campaign designed to get people to consider vacationing in Michigan – or not move out of the state quicker than rats from a sinking ship. Can’t tell which.

January28TempAnyway, they’re syrupy, fictitious ads that paint a picture quite unlike what the reality of living here actually is.

As I did yesterday, I let the CD play this morning while I did other things (mostly sip Light Roast coffee, watch people, and think about my life going down the shitter).

The CD began slowly, with compositions that sounded like droning, ambient music.

Ahh, the baryton. It’s no wonder you’ve been relegated to period-piece music fests.

It wasn’t until Track Seven, which is Movement I (“Allegro”) of Baryton Trio No. 62 in G that my sonic taste buds started munching on something sweet.

Then Track Eight, which is Continue reading