Day 38: St. Martin, Dennis Brain, and the French Horn

HaydnCD38Today’s CD features a performance by the acclaimed Academy of St. Martin in the Fields, Sir Neville Marriner, conductor.

I’ve always liked performances by Marriner and the Academy. I’ve never heard a bad one. They’re consistent, and consistently first-rate at that.

Trumpet Concerto in E Flat No. 1 is no exception. Written in 1796 (Haydn was 64) for his friend Anton Weidinger, this performance features the late Alan Stringer (1928 – 2012) as the trumpet soloist. And a marvelous player he was, too. Stringer possessed a wonderful fluidity and expressiveness. He seemed to caress the notes. Not bad for a guy who was, at the time of this recording, 66.

Here. Listen for yourself. This is the exact performance to which I’m listening right now.

The entire Trumpet Concerto – all three movements – is a delight. No one movement stands out to me, although Continue reading