Day 352: Songs IV

BrahmsCD46In order of preference, my favorite vocal ranges are:


The vocalist on today’s CD is in the mezzo-soprano range.

Which means that I can enjoy this music even if I don’t enjoy this music.

Believe it or not, I just discovered a YouTube video clip titled How to Sing Mezzo Soprano. (Not that I intend to learn it, mind you. I’d need a YouTube clip titled “How to Sing When You Can’t Carry a Tune If Your Life Depended On It.”)


The Compositions:

Too many to name. There are 26 tracks on today’s CD, totaling over one hour of music.

The Performers:

Stephanie Iranyi mezzo-soprano

Helmut Deutsch piano

Compared to the previous couple of CDs, this is a breath of fresh air.

But it’s still only a breath.

True fresh air would be Steve Perry, formerly of Journey. That’s a tenor I can enjoy.

Or dramatic soprano Floor Jansen of Nightwish.

I could listen to those people all day long.

These Brahms Songs CDs…

Not so much.