Day 277: 12 Irish Songs Wo0154

BeethovenCD82How can you go wrong with a CD that opens with a song about Elfin Fairies?

You can’t.

I swear, you just can’t.

Once again, we have Irish songs sung in English, performed by some of the best musicians in the world:

Barbara Emilia Schedel soprano

Kerstin Wagner alto

Daniel Schreiber tenor

Daniel Raschinsky baritone

Sachiko Kobayashi violin

Chihiro Saito cello

Michael Wagner piano

Although today’s CD features the incomparable Daniel Schreiber (tenor), I have to take a few points off for the alto. That’s a vocal range I never do warm up to.

So, whereas yesterday’s CD was a Favorite from start to finish, today’s CD is only good occasionally. For example, everything Daniel Schreiber sings (in whole or in part) is pure gold:

The Farewell Song (Track 3)
Put round the bright wine (Track 6)
Save me from the grave and wise (Track 8)
Oh! would I were but that sweet linnet! (Track 9)
The hero may perish (Track 10)
The Soldier in a Foreign Land (Track 11)
He promised me at parting (Track 12)

I swear, Daniel Schreiber has the voice of an angel.

The above features perhaps half of the songs to which I listened this morning.

Day 217: Serenade, Rondo, Trio, Works for Mandolin & Piano

BeethovenCD22Wonderful music!

Serenade Op. 25 is chock-full of flute, which I love.

In fact, this entire CD is delightful, lively and fun. It even features an instrument that I don’t think I’ve ever heard as part of a Classical music performance before: the mandolin.

Performers, tracks 1-6 (Serenade in D Op. 25):

Jacob Berg flute
Max Rabinovitsj violin
Darrel Barnes piano

Serenade in D Op. 25 was composed between 1795 and 1796. Beethoven was 25 or 26.

Performers, tracks 7-8 (Rondo in G Wo041):

Sachiko Kobayashi violin
Chihiro Saito cello
Michael Wagner piano

Performers, tracks 9-10 (Trio in E Flat HESS 48):

Erhard Fietz mandolin
Amadeus Webersinke piano

Performers, tracks 11-13 (Works for Mandolin and Piano):

Lajos Mayer mandolin
Imre Rohmann piano

The mandolin pieces sound like the soundtrack to the Godfather, very Italian.