Day 400: Pride and Prejudice + Caruso CD 2

AustinBookCoverStill reading Jane Austen’s famous first work, Pride and Prejudice, and listening to CD 2 from the Naxos box set Enrico Caruso: The Complete Recordings.

Today is a milestone: 400 days of delving into the creative works of others. (Which is ironic since I’m supposed to be working on creative works of my own.)

I’ve mentioned it before, but it bears repeating: Reading is much harder to write about than listening. What do I say day after day – for 30 days, no less – about the same book and author?

Music, especially a different CD each day, is much more interesting for me.

It’s even hard to write about music if it’s the same CD every day for a month. What else can I say about Enrico Caruso or the songs I’m listening to?

By the end of all of this, I’ll have learned a lot. But, finding a way to write about it daily is proving to be a challenge.

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