Day 163: Broadway Danny Rose

41ETZ0P9X7LBroadway Danny Rose, the 13th film directed by Woody Allen, is the story (told mostly in flashbacks) of Danny Rose (Woody Allen), a failed-nightclub-performer-turned-ne’er-do-well theatrical agent who now handles clients like balloon folders, bird acts, and a has-been nightclub singer named Lou Canova (Nick Apollo Forte, 1938- ) who finally gets a chance to perform for Milton Berle – but only wants to if Danny can get Tina Vitale (Mia Farrow, 1945- ), his lover, to attend the show.

When Danny tries to convince Tina to go to Lou’s show, Tina’s would-be suitor, a member of the mob, thinks Danny is Tina’s lover and puts a hit on him.

Danny and Tina run for their lives.

Do they survive? Does Lou? Does Danny ever make it big? Who ends up with Tina Continue reading