Day 21: a.k.a. Three Weeks

HaydnCD21You know the old saying that times flies when you’re having fun?

Well, it’s not true.

Time flies whether you’re having fun or not, usually when you’re busy as hell and it becomes, as the late MacDonald Carey used to say at the start of each Days of Our Lives episode, “like sands through the hourglass.”

The older we get, the more those sands fall to the bottom of said hourglass.

I type that because three weeks have already passed since I started this three-year project. I have no idea where those 21 days went. Tell you what, though, if I could stick my finger in that little narrow tube between the top of the hourglass and its bottom I most definitely would. (Hmm, the words “stick my finger in” and “its bottom” in the same sentence don’t necessarily enhance the appeal of this morning’s Asiago bagel. But you know what I mean. )

Symphony No. 70 in D is another delightful composition, one that grabbed me from Continue reading

Day 19: I’m Into Something Good

HaydnCD19 At my favorite breakfast spot (Mr. Burger) this morning, eating my favorite meal (the Protein Breakfast — three eggs, scrambled, two sausage patties, two sausage links, coffee), the Herman’s Hermits song “I’m Into Something Good” caught my attention as it played over the restaurant’s Muzak system.

Despite it being a mere Pop song — one nearly half a century old at that — it’s an ear worm of a tune, absolutely infectious.

Almost against my will, I found myself tapping my fingers on the table top and nodding my head along with it.

It made me smile and think of simpler times.

It was then that I noticed the elderly customers were doing the same – smiling and bobbing their heads. I overhead one white-haired gent say to his companion, “That’s when music was good.”

Admittedly, the years 1964-1965 were banner ones for the British Invasion. UK bands like The Who, the Beatles, the Rolling Stones, the Kinks, the Animals, Hermans Hermits and Continue reading