Day 192: You Will Meet a Tall Dark Stranger

41589Wf1FVLYou Will Meet a Tall Dark Stranger is a movie I could have done without seeing.

It’s yet another movie about relationships, divorce, infidelity, lust, love…and hookers.

Woody seems to have a thing for sleazy bimbos.

In Tall Dark Stranger, it’s the character played by retiree Anthony Hopkins who divorces his wife and falls for a hooker much younger than himself that he says he wants to marry.

In another relationship, James Brolin lusts for the young guitarist across the way while wife Naomi Watts tolerates his pretentious writer bullshit. But that’s okay because Watts’ boss – played by Antonio Bandaras – wants her.

If the adage “write what you know” is true, then all Woody Allen has ever known is broken, mismatched relationships, May-December romances, lusting for someone else’s significant other, and depression.

You Will Meet a Tall Dark Stranger is the 42nd movie Woody Allen directed. He was 75 when it was released.