Day 329: Sonata for Two Pianos

BrahmsCD23Beautiful music.

I guess, when you get right down to is, I’m partial to piano compositions, especially solo piano. But even sonatas written for two pianos (like what I’m listening to today) are compelling to me.

Here’s what’s on tap today:

Sonata for Two Pianos in F minor Op. 34bis

I’m not sure what “bis” means. I haven’t run across that before, to my knowledge.

Here’s who’s playing what’s on tap today:

Begonia Uriate piano
Karl-Hermann Mrongovius piano

According to the IMSLP web site, this was composed in 1864. If that’s true, Brahms was 31.

I think my favorites of the four movements are the last two – Movement III (“Scherzo: Allegro”) and Movement IV (“Finale: Poco sostenuto – Allegro non troppo – Presto non troppo”). They’re a bit bouncier, have a little more life to them.

Another Favorite Brahms composition!

Day 325: Piano Quartet No. 3, Piano Quintet

BrahmsCD19What a minute.

To whom am I listening?

It can’t be Brahms.

Can it?

This is bold music, with an edge to it that I haven’t yet heard from Mrs. Brahms’ boy Johannes.

I was drawn in from the first chord of the piano, which rang out and then decayed. A few instruments played softly. Then another crashing piano chord. Then other instruments.

Movement II (“Scherzo: Allegro”) proved Movement I (“Allegro non troppo”) wasn’t a fluke. The music continues to be bold, unexpected, surprising, compelling.

This can’t be Brahms!

This piano concerto is dramatically different from other Brahms compositions that I’ve heard to date.

I like this.

A lot.

So much so that I award this Favorite Brahms Composition.

In the grand scheme, that doesn’t mean a whole lot. I realize that. Who cares what I think about Brahms, right?

I care. I want to remember that this particular CD was outstanding and that Continue reading